OCTOBER 2014 – Nº 50

Dear friends and benefactors,

In this dramatic moment in the life of the Church, a moment in which the crisis, extending itself, assumes unexpected characteristics, it is more than ever necessary to undertake the worthy battle of the Catholic Faith vividly and courageously.

Who would have believed that one day traditional Benedictines, Capuchins and Dominicans would see those to be ordained have their ordinations put off or threatened to be put off, for having maintained the same conduct which Archbishop Lefebvre himself followed? Who could have believed that one of the four bishops consecrated by Archbishop Lefebvre would be expelled from the Society St. Pius X, when his position in the current crisis remains the same as the teachings and practical directions of Archbishop Lefebvre, which is not the case in Menzingen? Who could believe that even the older priests, such as Frs. Faure, Pivert, de Mérode, among many others, would one day find themselves out of the Society for being faithful to Archbishop Lefebvre’s guidance? Who could believe that not only priests but also lay people, among who are some combatants from the start, would receive similar treatment for the same reasons?

This is all of a bewildering nature, meant to paralyze us from moving forward in the work of Catholic restoration.

But it is necessary to not succumb to this temptation. It is necessary to restart the fight as did Archbishop Lefebvre, always filled with courage amidst the worst difficulties. Let us imitate those who came before us, and although we are not so great in number, let us remember the vision from which the prophet Elijah benefitted, Elijah who prayed to the Lord to show to his servant that those who were with him were stronger and more numerous than those who were against him:

“And the Lord opened the eyes of the servant and he saw, and behold the mountain was filled with horses and carts of fire, surrounding Elijah.” (IV Kings, 6, 16)

It will be the same for us, if we remain faithful to the teaching and guidance of Him against Whom the gates of Hell will never prevail.

Father Prior

With our best wishes. May our Lord blessed you all for

Christmas and the New Year.


An anonymous critique, accredited to Menzingen, accuses Fr. Pivert’s book, “Our Relations with Rome,” to have centralized inappropriately Archbishop Lefebvre’s combat for Christ the King.

But it was Archbishop Lefebvre himself who affirmed such, as we can see from the following lines:

“Here is what constitutes our opposition, and the reason we cannot understand each other. It does not have to do with the problem of the Mass primarily, since this is precisely one of the consequences of wanting to become closer to Protestantism, having for this reason to change the liturgy, the sacraments, the catechism, etc.

“The true fundamental opposition is the Reign of our Lord Jesus Christ. Opportet Illum Regnare, says St. Paul: our Lord came in order to reign. They say no, and we say yes, together with all the Popes.” (Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre, L’Eglise infiltrée par le modernisme, editions Fideliter, 1993, page 70)

Has Menzingen changed its position? For our part, we wish to keep the doctrine and orientations left to us by Archbishop Lefebvre, for he is the faithful echo of Tradition.

Re-read “Ils L’ont Découronné”. Everything is contained in this book consecrated to the question of Christ the King.

It is even necessary to say more than this. Christ the King is not only the center of the difficulties between Archbishop Lefebvre and liberal Rome. Christ the King is the center of the drama of modern times. Why was King Louis XVI beheaded? Why was Vendée devastated, the Papal Estates occupied, Garcia Moreno assassinated, the Cristeros crushed, fifteen thousand priests and religious, male and female, martyred in Spain and religious liberty proclaimed during Vatican II at the request of the Jewish-Masonic sect B’Nai B’rith? Why, finally, does Our Lady ask for the Consecration of Russia to Her Immaculate Heart, other than the reason that Her Divine Son may reign, and reign over the whole world? “We don’t want Him to reign over us”, cry the impious. We, on the contrary, say: “May Thy Kingdom come”. This is the center of Archbishop Lefebvre’s and the whole Church’s fight, the Church to whom Archbishop Lefebvre was the most meritorious, faithful and devoted of sons.

Two Churches?

Some people make less of the actual crisis by trying to undo the distinction between the Catholic Church and the official Church. It is certain that our Lord founded but one Church, but She is today occupied by Her enemies. Let us listen once again to Archbishop Lefebvre, who quotes Leo XIII and St. Pius X in his book, “Ils L’ont Découronné”. These citations help us better understand the dark reality which is that a Counter-Church has installed itself inside the Catholic Church. It is a mystery, the mystery of iniquity.

“Behold, astute enemies have filled with bitterness the Church, Spouse of the Immaculate Lamb, and have given Her poison to drink and have placed their cruel hands upon all the most precious things contained within Her. Where the Seat of St. Peter and the Throne of the Truth were once established as a light for the nations, they have erected the throne of their abominable impiety so that once they have struck the shepherd they can disperse the sheep” (“Little Exorcism by Leo XIII”, quoted by Archbishop Lefebvre, Ils L’ont Découronné – Éditions Fideliter – 1987 – page 151).

Citing St. Pius X, Archbishop Lefebvre reminds us of poignant phrases from the Pascendi:

“…They hide themselves, which is reason for great anxiety and anguish, in the center and within the very heart of the Church. In truth, these enemies are more damaging the less they declare themselves openly.

“…in our days the danger is almost in the bowels of the Church and even in Her veins; the damage produced by such enemies is even more inevitable the more they know about the Church. Add to this the fact that they apply the poison neither to the branches nor the offspring, but to the roots, or to the Faith, and to its deepest fibers” (St. Pius X, Pascendi, quoted by Archbishop Lefebvre in Ils L’ont Découronné – Éditions Fideliter – 1987 – pages 153 and 154).

The “canonizations” of John XXIII and John Paul II confirm what we have just finished reading here. The enemy occupies the Church. Archbishop Lefebvre denounced him, and from this has preserved us. Another spirit animates many of those within Tradition. It is another spirit, not Archbishop Lefebvre’s. For this reason we refuse to accept it.


February 3rd

Father Prior, accompanied by Brother Plácido OSB and Mr. Deivid Nass, goes to France, where he will visit Saint Nicolas du Chardonnet, Avrillé, Bellaigue and Morgon, Father Pinaud and Rioult at the home of Mr Bonnet de Viller and a few families among the most faithful, before crossing the English Channel to meet with Bishop Williamson, Father Joseph Pfeiffer, the faithful of London and Middleland, before moving on to Ireland then back to Paris to take the plane back to Brazil.

April 17th (Holy Thursday)

Bishop Williamson, who honors us with his presence, consecrates the Sacred Oils at the Monastery during a long ceremony that demanded long and numerous rehearsals.

April 19th

Bishop Williamson gave a conference to the faithful followed by confirmations: 29 people.

April 20th

The community accompanies Bishop Williamson to the State of Bahia, to Father Jair’s monastery, where His Excellent re-ordains, conditionally, Fr. Marcelo Masi and confers the sub diaconate upon Brother Lourenço FBMV and upon Brother André OSB, besides administering the sacrament of Confirmation upon dozens of people.

May 1st

Father Prior and Brother Agostinho depart for the city of Volta Redonda, for the funeral of Mrs Sônia Araújo Ferreira da Costa, Father Angel’s mother. (Father Angel founded Bellaigue and left wherever he went the impression of being a man totally belonging to God.)

May 13th

Profession ceremony, in Anápolis, Goiás, for the Sisters of Our Lady of the Rosary, which we attended with some of our faithful.

June 2nd

Rev. Father Fernando Lopes (whose Sisters of Our Lady of the Rosary take care of our little school, St. Benedict and Scholastica), visits.

Report of the Cellarer

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